About Us

We pride ourselves on having many on the staff that have been with us for several years. That’s quite unusual in the transient “looking for a real job” world of the restaurant industry. This long term experience results in a more consistent presentation and a knowledgeable team environment.

Speaking of experience, the management is not new to this industry. JK opened his first restaurant in NYC way, way back in 1977, and has since opened and successfully managed several other locations, including this one, The Wing Café & Tap House for 18 years!

Upper management, some of which have been here since its inception, have also 40+ years of experience. So there are no “rookies” here, and it shows. Managing any restaurant is no easy task (just look at the failure rate!), but this staff manages to pull it off, and have fun doing it. Heck, if it wasn’t fun, why keep doing it?

Now, the Place…this is fun. Like a family place to bring the kids and the grandparents? Like a live music venue with quality entertainment? (Zac Brown played here, believe it!) Like to enjoy a cigar over a brilliant cocktail or craft beer in a neighborhood tavern environment? Like Tiki Bars (who doesn’t)? Like to watch your favorite sports team with friends? I assume you like good food and drink?The Wing (that’s what the regulars call it) is all that and more. Young and old, rich or poor, North, South, East or West, whoever you are or wherever you are from, you will find a place here (Where everyone knows your name”! Enjoy and CHEERS!