Our Menu

We are not a Greek Restaurant, but we do have a lot of choices! With a name like “The Wing Café & Tap House, you can imagine what our offerings include.

Choose from very extensive selection of original wing flavors to suit anyone’s taste buds. Made from scratch, our recipes range from sweet and fruity to spicy and hot. We also have at least one flavor for that one person in the group (there’s always one) guaranteed to bring a tear to their eye and sweat to their brow!

But why stop at wings? Eating lighter and healthier? Try any of our delicious salads or the homemade hummus plate.

Just need to nosh on something? Our appetizers from fresh baked pretzels to chips and dips, to nachos are all great alone or for sharing.

Shrimp Tacos
Seared Ahi
BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad

Burgers! Who, besides vegetarians, doesn’t love a great burger? You can design your own personal favorite from a list of several toppings and cheeses to get exactly what you want, cooked the way you want!

BACO-Burger!!! Beautiful grass fed beef premixed with smoked applewood bacon fresh from Heywoods Provision Company next door. This baby was probably alive this week and perfect for the true hamburger aficionado.

There are lots of other items, too many to mention here (that’s why we have a menu), so sit back, take your time, and enjoy your experience at “THE WING”!