Thirsty? Celebrating? Enjoying the company of good friends? We have beverages, both alcoholic and non for every occasion. The selection is constantly changing and evolving, usually based on seasonality and availability

Beer: If you are a “Beer Drinker”, look no further. Yeah, yeah we know that beer goes great with wings, but ask yourself “What beer would go great with this wing”?. We have the answer with one on the most extensive beer selection in the Southeast. With over 150 bottles and nearly 50 drafts covering a wide range of crafts and imports (as well as the stray BMC), we can satisfy the cravings of the most discerning beer geek. Ask your server or bartender to see our separate “BEER MENU”. Whether you want pilsners or lambics, stouts or Imperial IPAs or anything in between, you are now in a “Disneyland” for beer drinkers.

Wine: Wine with chicken wings? You ask. Believe it or not, we do have other items on the menu and sometimes a nice glass of Pinot or Chardonnay is just what the doctor ordered to compliment that beautiful salad or humongous burger. How about a Savignon Blanc on a hot day? Perhaps a beautiful Merlot is more for your taste. Yep, a nice selection. We know the ladies will especially appreciate the offerings, as will the male oenophile as well.

Cocktails: Finally, after years of being forgotten, the “Cocktail” is becoming popular again. Come visit our “mixologists” and indulge yourself. Summer time is Margarita time (and gin & tonic, Dark and Stormy, Summer Breeze and on and on). Sit and enjoy one out at the newly expanded Tiki Bar and be transported, at least mentally, to a tropical island.

Are you a traditionalist? Martinis, Manhattans, Gimlets etc. are made with only the finest ingredients. An upscale well ensures that.

Ask your server for our Spirits Menu (yeah we have one of those too!), and sit back, sip and enjoy the ambience.